Sunday, January 27, 2013

Прощайте, товарищи!

Привет всем из России, который поинтересовался в моем блоге. Я могу только предположить, что вы пришли на мой сайт из-за Octobriana и не потому, что лордов создания игры ролевые.

Если это так, то мне жаль разочаровывать вас. Если нет, то я должен извиниться за не поддержание блога. Я не мог получить достаточно людей, заинтересованных в игру, чтобы заслужить больше моего времени.

Так что, спасибо за ваш интерес. Может быть, когда-нибудь у меня будет больше писать.

Vaya con dios, my darlings...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Genre Mash-Up Games

I posted this question on the Dragonsfoot forums, but it went over like wet toast there. How many multi-genre RPGs are out there? I don't mean generic RPGs like GURPS or Hero System, but games that have dedicated backgrounds or concepts behind them, like LoC.
Here are the ones I can think of-
  • Torg (yay!)
  • Rifts (meh)
  • Tales from the Floating Vagabond (the heir to the Lords of Creation throne, in my humble opinion)
  • Man, Myth & Magic
  • Fringeworthy
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Dr. Who
  • Encounter Critical 
  • Timeship
  • Shadowrun
  • Timemaster
There are probably some other really obvious ones, but I'm literally sneaking this in at the eleventh hour before I hit the hay.

Some Thoughts on Building Races in LoC

Unfortunately I won't be able to update a frequently as I have been. Not sure how long this situation is going to last, but it'll be at least two weeks. In the meantime I'll be working on some stuff about demons and hopefully have the background/universe/cosmology worked out for my own currently non-existent game. Plus a boatload of Foes. Speaking of which, here's a really nice write up from Dragonfoot's own Otto von Grunwald on races in LoC. So, without further ado...

Just looking through some stuff I have about Foes...

When building a race of foes (goblins, orcs, saurians, etc...) they are ranked into 3 tiers: Average, Soldier, and Leader with Heroes above these. All 5 stats for any member of each tier are the same value. For example, Average Goblins have an 8 for each stat (Muscle, Stamina, Speed, Mental, and Luck). Soldiers stats are 1.5 times the value of Average foes, and leaders are roughly double those of a soldier.

Again, using goblins as an example, Average=8s, Soldiers=12s, and Leaders=23 for each stat. Their Attack score, Init bonus, etc are then figured from these and XP value is calculated based on the formula given at the front of the foes book. Average members of a race of foes almost never have armor, though soliders and leaders always do with soldiers generally having -2 armor and leaders having slightly better at -3 or -4. Pongoids had the thickest base armor with soldiers having -4ballistic and "Heroes" (No leader tier) having -5ballistic. Pretty tough.

I personally find Foe creation to be a bit of a pain in the ass, so this is definitely gonna come in handy. Thanks again, Herr Grunwald.  

Hopefully I'll see you cats sooner than later, so for now- Adios, mugatos!

Lords of Creation, Summed Up In Two-Thousand and Eleven Words

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Foe: Samurai Cat

The second I saw the Felines entry in the Book of Foes I knew I'd have to write up good ol' Miaowara. I've only read the first book; if he gained any abilities since then I'd be happy to add them, so let me know.

Miaowara Tomokato
ATTACK: 20 x 3
DAMAGE: wpn + 1 (+ 5)
ARMOR: - 4 Regular
LIFE POINTS: 105 (32)
LUCK: 15

Miaowara has the Acrobatics skill and the first four levels of the Wilderness skill. He also possess the power of Physical Control.

Samurai Armor- As Chain Mail Shirt with a -1 Init Mod.
Samurai Sword
Samurai Bow

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think it's time you and I had a talk...

There's a couple of things I probably should have gotten around to when I started this venture and now's a good a time as any, I reckon. You may have noticed that the first 9 or 10 posts were labeled "NEOPHYTE" all big like that. Basically, that's my way of saying I didn't know sweet f.a. about Lords of Creation and the idea was to "go up in level" every once in a while as I got the hang of things. Then I realized that was kinda stupid so instead I'm just gonna do that once and all the posts that follow will fall under that "level."

I'm an Apprentice now. How about that?

In related news, I'm also going to change the banner with every level so you can all keep tabs on my progress and report it back to your supervisors. They're going to start off all primordial and gradually get, uh...less primordial. Expect the next one in a year or two.


Here's the first of what should be a LOT of npcs for Lords of Creation- Octobriana, Queen of the Russian Underground. I won't go into the long, weird history of this character except to say that she first came to my attention in the pages of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, a comic from British writer/artist Bryon Talbot. Anyway, if you already know who she is, cool. If not, you know what to do.

ATTACK: 18x2
ARMOR: none
LUCK: 13
EXPERIENCE: Yer on yer own, kiddo.

Automatic Rifle-2

Octobriana has the first four levels of Commando and the first level of Street Criminal. She is, for all intents and purposes, immortal.