Sunday, April 17, 2011

Genre Mash-Up Games

I posted this question on the Dragonsfoot forums, but it went over like wet toast there. How many multi-genre RPGs are out there? I don't mean generic RPGs like GURPS or Hero System, but games that have dedicated backgrounds or concepts behind them, like LoC.
Here are the ones I can think of-
  • Torg (yay!)
  • Rifts (meh)
  • Tales from the Floating Vagabond (the heir to the Lords of Creation throne, in my humble opinion)
  • Man, Myth & Magic
  • Fringeworthy
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Dr. Who
  • Encounter Critical 
  • Timeship
  • Shadowrun
  • Timemaster
There are probably some other really obvious ones, but I'm literally sneaking this in at the eleventh hour before I hit the hay.

Some Thoughts on Building Races in LoC

Unfortunately I won't be able to update a frequently as I have been. Not sure how long this situation is going to last, but it'll be at least two weeks. In the meantime I'll be working on some stuff about demons and hopefully have the background/universe/cosmology worked out for my own currently non-existent game. Plus a boatload of Foes. Speaking of which, here's a really nice write up from Dragonfoot's own Otto von Grunwald on races in LoC. So, without further ado...

Just looking through some stuff I have about Foes...

When building a race of foes (goblins, orcs, saurians, etc...) they are ranked into 3 tiers: Average, Soldier, and Leader with Heroes above these. All 5 stats for any member of each tier are the same value. For example, Average Goblins have an 8 for each stat (Muscle, Stamina, Speed, Mental, and Luck). Soldiers stats are 1.5 times the value of Average foes, and leaders are roughly double those of a soldier.

Again, using goblins as an example, Average=8s, Soldiers=12s, and Leaders=23 for each stat. Their Attack score, Init bonus, etc are then figured from these and XP value is calculated based on the formula given at the front of the foes book. Average members of a race of foes almost never have armor, though soliders and leaders always do with soldiers generally having -2 armor and leaders having slightly better at -3 or -4. Pongoids had the thickest base armor with soldiers having -4ballistic and "Heroes" (No leader tier) having -5ballistic. Pretty tough.

I personally find Foe creation to be a bit of a pain in the ass, so this is definitely gonna come in handy. Thanks again, Herr Grunwald.  

Hopefully I'll see you cats sooner than later, so for now- Adios, mugatos!

Lords of Creation, Summed Up In Two-Thousand and Eleven Words

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Foe: Samurai Cat

The second I saw the Felines entry in the Book of Foes I knew I'd have to write up good ol' Miaowara. I've only read the first book; if he gained any abilities since then I'd be happy to add them, so let me know.

Miaowara Tomokato
ATTACK: 20 x 3
DAMAGE: wpn + 1 (+ 5)
ARMOR: - 4 Regular
LIFE POINTS: 105 (32)
LUCK: 15

Miaowara has the Acrobatics skill and the first four levels of the Wilderness skill. He also possess the power of Physical Control.

Samurai Armor- As Chain Mail Shirt with a -1 Init Mod.
Samurai Sword
Samurai Bow

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think it's time you and I had a talk...

There's a couple of things I probably should have gotten around to when I started this venture and now's a good a time as any, I reckon. You may have noticed that the first 9 or 10 posts were labeled "NEOPHYTE" all big like that. Basically, that's my way of saying I didn't know sweet f.a. about Lords of Creation and the idea was to "go up in level" every once in a while as I got the hang of things. Then I realized that was kinda stupid so instead I'm just gonna do that once and all the posts that follow will fall under that "level."

I'm an Apprentice now. How about that?

In related news, I'm also going to change the banner with every level so you can all keep tabs on my progress and report it back to your supervisors. They're going to start off all primordial and gradually get, uh...less primordial. Expect the next one in a year or two.


Here's the first of what should be a LOT of npcs for Lords of Creation- Octobriana, Queen of the Russian Underground. I won't go into the long, weird history of this character except to say that she first came to my attention in the pages of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, a comic from British writer/artist Bryon Talbot. Anyway, if you already know who she is, cool. If not, you know what to do.

ATTACK: 18x2
ARMOR: none
LUCK: 13
EXPERIENCE: Yer on yer own, kiddo.

Automatic Rifle-2

Octobriana has the first four levels of Commando and the first level of Street Criminal. She is, for all intents and purposes, immortal.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Here's the final Class from Lord Fluffy. Other than some very alternate stuff he came up with, that's the last of the new/alternate/whatever rules from Fluffy. He apparently revised and added to these and made the files available on a file sharing site, but they no longer exist. If anyone has them or knows where they might be currently hosted, lemme know. 

1. Gun Fu
2. Akimbo
3. Armor Piercer
4. Bullet Bender
5. Magic bullet

Shootists are masters of firearms, archery and distance weapons in general. They are wizards with such weapons and can do amazing things.
Of a note, all powers a shootist may manifest may be used at once (except magic bullet and two fisted mojo) .

Gun Fu:
Distance: As weapon Time: Constant Uses: Constant
You may fire a ranged weapon into close combat without fear of hitting anyone but your intended target. For that matter, you may use guns and crossbows in melee combat, gaining the point blank bonus.
Also, you gain an uncanny awareness with firearms and are able to do things like shoot over your shoulder without looking or fire accurately while sliding down a bannister. This allows you to ignore penalties for darkness or blindness and half penalties for movement with ranged weapons.

Distance: As weapon Time: 1 Turn + 1 turn per rank of skill in the weapon used Uses: 2/Day
If you are holding a weapon in each hand (thrown weapon, crossbow, flintlock pistol, needler, pistol, etc), you may use either make 1 extra attack on another target (at your normal attack score) or add +4 to hit and do 1.5 damage to one target (round down). Each attack expends a normal amount of ammo from each weapon.
You may use this ability with a normal bow by knocking two arrows, but if making an extra attack, both targets must be in front of you and within 45 degrees of each other.

If you have more than two hands (due to cybernetics or other effects), you may use one gun in each of those hands as well. For each additional weapon, either add one attack or +2 to hit and .5 additional damage.

You may also use the second application with melee weapons. This power has no effect on unarmed attacks.

You may only use Akimbo one way in a given turn, gaining extra attacks or gaining bonuses but not both. If you choose the second, you may only use this bonus on 1 attack in that turn. You may switch between methods on different turns, however. You may, with a high enough Attack, have up to 14 total attacks per turn using this power. You may not have more, regardless of how many arms you have.

Armor Piercer
Distance: As weapon Time: 1 turn Uses: 3/Day
You become aware of chinks in people’s armor and are able to target them with great effectiveness. You may ignore non-magical armor for all ranged attacks for one turn. This has no effect on Dodge or Shields.

Bullet Bender
Distance: See Below Time: 1 turn Uses: 3/Day
You become so in tune with ranged weaponry that you may bend the trajectory of your weapon in ways physics does not approve of normally. As a result, you may, for one turn, ignore a targets Dodge, shields and penalties for cover. This also allows you to effectively double the range of any projectile weapon in your hands.
You may not bend the trajectory more than 90 degrees.

Magic Bullet
Distance: As weapon Time: 1 turn Uses: 2/Day
For a moment, you can make your weapon do impossible things, like hitting numerous targets with a single projectile.
For one attack (not one turn) per use of Magic Bullet, you may do your full damage to a number of targets equal to your power. Also, the bullet is actually magical for that attack and effects targets wearing magic armor.
This attack always uses just one shot from the weapon. It may not be used with automatic fire or akimbo.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm gonna post two of Lord Fluffy's Powers (or "Classes," as he calls them) this time- Warlord and Martial Mastery.

Warlord (Disciplined)
1. Improvised Armorer
2. Soul Sheath
3. Wall of Steel
4. Sunder
5. Spirit Sword
Warlords are gifted in the use of weaponry and are born to combat.

Improvised Armorer
Range: Self Time: Permanent Uses: Constant
To a warlord, the whole world is one big stockpile. With this ability, they may turn anything into a deadly weapon. If a Warlord uses a random found weapon, they may apply their skills to it as if it were a balanced, well made piece of weaponry. Damage is determined by the GM, but will usually be 1-6 or 1-10. If it fits a skill he has, the weapon is considered to have a skill maximum of 2.

In addition, the skill maximums listed in the weapons chart all go up by one. For instance, a Warlord may apply 7 ranks to his to hit bonus for unarmed, 2 for using a club or up to 6 using a rapier.

Soul Sheath
Range: Self Time: Permanent Uses: Constant
You may bind items to yourself such that they float in a small space outside of time and space, close at hand. The most you can store is about 1 cubic foot, or roughly the size of a two handed sword or shotgun.

Nothing living can be stored in this space. The space is invisible to anyone besides you, though beings with True sight will see a faint outline of the item floating near you. Only one item may be kept in the soul sheath, though if that item contains other items (like a box with many items in it or a gun with bullets in it), that is fine.
Putting an item in or out takes an action. This cannot be hurried. The item is only accessible by you and if you die (permanently) it is lost forever. If you fall unconscious, the item will remain hidden.

Wall of Steel
Range: Self Time: 1 turn per 2 Power Uses: 3/day
You are so quick with melee weapons that you may use them to deflect attacks. While using wall of steel, you may use your skill in a melee weapon that you are holding as if it were Dodge. This is effective against both melee and ranged attacks and the bonus stacks with your normal Dodge skill (still maxing out at -20).

Note, wood weapons work against regular damage. Metal will protect from regular and ballistic. Energy weapons protect against those two and Energy. Magical attacks are not effected unless you are using a magic weapon.

Range: Self Time: 1 turn Uses: 1/Day
You may charge yourself and one melee weapon (or unarmed attacks) with might, such that your attacks with it become nigh unstoppable. You may ignore Dodge and non-magical armor for 1 turn. If you lose the weapon during that turn, you may use unarmed attacks but the weapon instantly reverts back to normal.

Spirit Sword
Range: Self Time: 1 Turn/Power Uses: 3/Day
You may draw from within yourself a weapon that is made of your will and essence. It may take on the form of any melee weapon, but always has a skill of 5, a damage of 3-18+2 and is considered magical for purposes of armor. If you are disarmed during while using this weapon, it instantly dissolves and reappears in your hands.

Martial Mastery

1. Rice Paper Walk
2. Chi Blast
3. Look of the Master
4. Deadly Palm
5. Dim Mak
Rice Paper Walk
Range: Self Time: 1 turn for every 2 Power Uses: 2/Day
While this power is in effect, the Martial Master may move with blinding speed. The character’s Dodge is doubled for the duration. If the character has no Dodge skill, he gains Dodge 2 for the duration.

Also during this time, the character’s ability to move becomes much more impressive. They may leap up to 4 times their height, gain an extra 20’ of movement (leaving no footprints) and may balance on a bent bamboo tree or on the top of a flagpole and similar feats with a successful Athletics roll.

Chi Blast
Range: 25’ +25’ for every rank of Unarmed Time: Instantaneous Uses: 1/Day
The Martial Master may focus his power into a blast of energy. This allows him to make an unarmed attack on a foe at a distance. The attack is made normally and does damage as if it were a normal unarmed attack, +1d6 for every 5 Power the Martial Master has, rounded up. The attack is visible and appears as a bright ray of energy coming from his hands.

Look of the Master
Range: Self Time: 1 turn per power Uses: 2/Day
The Martial Master is so calm in himself that he may end fights before they with just his Chi. When activated, any Reaction rolls made during the duration of the power because of the Martial Master or his party are at +1 for every 2 power the Martial Master has.
During fights, a use of this power may also be used to force a morale roll on the part of the foes, modified as above. This power has no effect on creatures that are of a greater power than the user or that would not normally make morale rolls.

Deadly Palm
Range: Touch Time: 1 Attack Uses: 2/Day
A Martial Master with this ability may make an attack, focusing his power into a devastating strike.
Deadly Palm attacks ignore armor (except magic) and Dodge. It also adds 1 point of damage for every points of Power the Martial Master has. In addition, if the target is less than twice the Martial Master’s weight (estimated), then they must make a luck roll or be propelled 2-16 feet backward and fall down.

Dim Mak
Range: Touch Time: See Below Uses: 1/day
The Death Touch. Using this attack, a Martial Master makes an unarmed attack normally. If it connects, it does no damage, but the target must make a luck roll. If they fail, they die within 1 year (the actual point is decided by the Martial Master).

The martial master must make skin to skin contact (at least no thicker covering than cloth) to make this attack. It has no effect on creatures that are magically reanimated, already dead or have no internal organs. It has no effect on robots, but will effect androids and cyborgs. It also has no effect on creatures with a Personal Force than the Martial Artist’s by at least one half (i.e. if the Martial Artist has a Personal Force of 40, others with a Personal Force of 60 or greater are unaffected.)
If the recipient of the Dim Mak is not killed instantly, there is rumored to be an alchemical cure. Some cruel Martial Masters have learned it, it’s said, and kept victims enslaved for years by setting them up to die and curing them if they obey.