Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think it's time you and I had a talk...

There's a couple of things I probably should have gotten around to when I started this venture and now's a good a time as any, I reckon. You may have noticed that the first 9 or 10 posts were labeled "NEOPHYTE" all big like that. Basically, that's my way of saying I didn't know sweet f.a. about Lords of Creation and the idea was to "go up in level" every once in a while as I got the hang of things. Then I realized that was kinda stupid so instead I'm just gonna do that once and all the posts that follow will fall under that "level."

I'm an Apprentice now. How about that?

In related news, I'm also going to change the banner with every level so you can all keep tabs on my progress and report it back to your supervisors. They're going to start off all primordial and gradually get, uh...less primordial. Expect the next one in a year or two.

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