Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Thoughts on Building Races in LoC

Unfortunately I won't be able to update a frequently as I have been. Not sure how long this situation is going to last, but it'll be at least two weeks. In the meantime I'll be working on some stuff about demons and hopefully have the background/universe/cosmology worked out for my own currently non-existent game. Plus a boatload of Foes. Speaking of which, here's a really nice write up from Dragonfoot's own Otto von Grunwald on races in LoC. So, without further ado...

Just looking through some stuff I have about Foes...

When building a race of foes (goblins, orcs, saurians, etc...) they are ranked into 3 tiers: Average, Soldier, and Leader with Heroes above these. All 5 stats for any member of each tier are the same value. For example, Average Goblins have an 8 for each stat (Muscle, Stamina, Speed, Mental, and Luck). Soldiers stats are 1.5 times the value of Average foes, and leaders are roughly double those of a soldier.

Again, using goblins as an example, Average=8s, Soldiers=12s, and Leaders=23 for each stat. Their Attack score, Init bonus, etc are then figured from these and XP value is calculated based on the formula given at the front of the foes book. Average members of a race of foes almost never have armor, though soliders and leaders always do with soldiers generally having -2 armor and leaders having slightly better at -3 or -4. Pongoids had the thickest base armor with soldiers having -4ballistic and "Heroes" (No leader tier) having -5ballistic. Pretty tough.

I personally find Foe creation to be a bit of a pain in the ass, so this is definitely gonna come in handy. Thanks again, Herr Grunwald.  

Hopefully I'll see you cats sooner than later, so for now- Adios, mugatos!

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