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More from Lord Fluffy-

Unless otherwise noted, the skills listed function like they do in the book, even if they are now associated with a different profession. If they are noted with a number, that's the minimum rank you need in the profession to take it.

Athletics: Acrobatics, Running (for long distances), Skating, Swimming, Parachuting, Diving
Computer: Operation, Programming (2), Security (3), Robotics (4) AI(5)
Construction: (Replaces Building) Carpentry, Stonemason, Metalworking (2), Plastics, Exotic Materials (2)
Diplomacy: Etiquette, Fashion, Haggling, Bureaucracy, Leadership(3), Heraldry (can be used to determine command structure and battlefield signals as well)
Engineer: Mechanical, Electronic, Computer (prereq: Electronic), Robotic (3), Nuclear(3), Civil, Acoustics, Vehicular, Miniaturization, Energy Systems (5), Weapons, Armor, Steam
Espionage: Stealth, Shadowing, Forgery, Codes, Lock picking (includes safecracking), Pick pocketing, Disguise, Vehicle Theft, Investigation
Medical: Diagnostics, First Aid (helps to stabilize dying characters), General Practice (2), Pharmacology (2), Forensics (3) Genetics (4), Surgery (4)
Occult Knowledge:(Replaces Magical) Arcane Languages, Arcane Artifacts (For identifying magical items), Cryptozoology (for special monster knowledge), Secret Societies, Powers (Including powers of LoC's), Alchemy (4) (for making potions and one-use items), Magical Detection(4), Wards(5) (Formerly Magical Protection), Rituals(5) (For making permanent magical objects as well as other nifty spell work)
Physical Sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Astrophysics, Biology, Quantum Physics(4) (For knowledge about teleporters and time machines)
Pilot: Riding (Horses, Chariots), Land Vehicles - Small (Race Cars), Land Vehicles - Large (Tanks), Watercraft - Small (speedboats), Watercraft - Large (Yachts, Frigates), Hovercraft (2), Aircraft (3), Personal Flight (2) (Flying brooms, Wingsuits, Jetpacks), Power Armor, Remote Piloting, Spacecraft (4), Exotic (5) (Time Machines)
Smooth Talker: Bluffing, Intimidation, Infiltration, Seduction, Bribery, Taunt (gives negatives in combat to opponents)
Social Sciences: History, Sociology, Archaeology, Theology, Parapsychology, Psychology
Theatrics: Costuming, Performance, Slight of Hand, Escape Artist, Distraction (Can keep a foe focused on you or away from something), Ventriloquism, Illusion Creating (4)
Wilderness: Navigation, Tracking, Survival, Trapping, Butchering/Tanning

Animal Handling: Requires Riding, Biology, Veterinary or Theatrics.
Communications: Espionage or Engineer
Connections (Profession): Gives 1 contact and allows you go plug into social networks associated with the chosen profession. Can be taken multiple times.
Cooking: Requires Outdoorsman, Diplomacy or Engineering
Demolitions: Builder (3) or Engineer (3)
Magical/Futuristic: Bought once for each Profession. Negates the penalty for working in an alien environment
Fast Draw (Weapon): Allows you to draw one type of weapon without having to take an action.
Interfacing: If interfaced with a vehicle or other non-weapon item via plugs, you don't have to take an action to maintain control of or use the item.
Sniper: Half penalties for Extreme Range. Opens up another Range category, up to 2.5 the normal distance at -10 to hit.
Tactics: Allows you to add 1 to your group initiative rolls for each member of the party.

Combat Skills:

Rather than weapon specific skills, I decided to go with broad categories. You can still only apple to hit bonuses up to the skill of the weapon as listed on the chart (which I'm working on expanding). You may apply up to double the skill rating of the weapon to damage.

The weapon categories are: Unarmed, Melee –Small, Melee -1handed, Melee 2 handed, Melee –Flexible, Thrown, Pistol -Ballistic, Pistol -Energy, Pistol -Other, Rifle -Ballistic, Rifle -Energy, Rifle-other, Heavy Weapon –Portable, Heavy Weapon –Fixed, and Autofire.

In addition, I'm adding the skills Dodge and Shield. This is because I decided armor and shields reduce damage equal to their rating, not the chance to hit.

Dodge works like armor did in the book, reducing the chance to hit you. You can take it up to 10. Armor your wearing may limit the amount of dodge skill you can use.

Shields give you a passive bonus equal to your skill, up to the protection of the shield. If you win initiative, you add the shields bonus as well. It can go up to 5.

Neither damage reduction from armor or to hit penalties from Dodge can be higher than 20.

Aiming: Aiming is declared before you fire for the round. You can take a -1 to -5 penalty on your initiative and get an equal bonus to your to hit roll for the round on all attacks at a single target. Alternately, you can spend the entire round aiming and gain a bonus equal to 5 plus the number of attacks you gave up. While aiming, you can't move or dodge.

Working on rules for disarming, stunning (which will be an effect of critical hits), expanded weapons tables, and specifics for cybernetics.

Lastly: New powers and classes.

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