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I'm new to Lords of Creation, so I don't have too much to say about it right now other than that I happen to think it's a pretty snazzy game. For now, I'm going to just copy and paste whatever information I can find about it on the web here and see if some sort of structure arises out of it.

The following comes from a guy calling himself "Lord Fluffy" who posted some interesting stuff for the game on Dragonsfoot then apparently vanished into thin air. Eventually I'll repost all his stuff here.

"Like many other games of the era, LoC starts with completely random stat generation. It balances this out just little by making buying stat points more expensive the higher up you go in level, so lower level/lower stated characters have some chance to catch up to higher level ones. But still, the random thing leaves something to be desired.

Second, you have the whole universe as your oyster, but the rules as written only cover human beings becoming LoC's. So what I decided to do was set up character creation thus:

Humans start with 70 points to spread amongst stats (this number was picked partially because it's what the sample character had and partially because it's a good number for 5 stats). No stat higher than 20. They also start with their Stamina +10 points, but will roll randomly thereafter. The humans in question can be from any sort of setting (Archaic, Contemporary, Futuristic, Magical or Parallel Universe).

Now, for other races, I picked a few that would still be humanoid (and fit into the pre-gen adventures better) but still would allow for some variety. They start off with 60 points to spread out amongst stats and 10 + Stamina life points. They also each get a perk for not being human:

Elf: 1 power from Beast Master (new power set), Wizard (Modified power set) or Sorcerer. Also, they start with one rank of Wilderness profession (Light Elf), One Rank of Occult Knowledge (Dark Elf, new profession, replaces Magical) or the ability to breath under water (Sea Elf). Stamina can't be higher than 10.
Dwarf: 1 power from Adept or Sorceror. Starting speed no higher than 10. One rank of Engineer or Construction.
Android: An artificially created human. Starting Mental no higher than 10. No need to eat or breathe and 10 additional life points. One rank in Profession Computer or Engineer.
Cyborg: Max starting luck of 10. One rank in the Computer Profession or a Combat skill. One basic cybernetic enhancement: Leg, Arm, Eyes (with 2 options) or a 6 slot Interfaceplug/Skillchip port with two skill chips (Cyborg is not a power as I'm running it)

Second: Professions and skills

I like the system well enough as it stands, but I hate the progressions. There's no reason a forgery artist needs to be a safecracker first. And some of the skills are a little outdated to stand on their own (Morse code?). I also didn't like that professional connections were a skill, especially since you could have a connection in the Espionage field who was a doctor, but you couldn't have a Medical connection. So, I proposed this:

Instead of a strict 5 step progression, you can select one skill from a list for each rank you have in a profession. Professions still top out at 5, though if a profession has more skills than that, you can still buy skills afterward.

Some skills are more complicated than others and can only be taken at certain ranks.

In addition to skills, there are aptitudes. These are sort of cross class skills. They are bought like skills but they don't add ranks to a profession. Most of them are linked to a profession and use that profession's rank for skill rolls if need be. If an aptitude connects up with more than one profession, use the highest one.

To come: A revised Profession/Skill/Aptitude list and changes to combat."

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