Saturday, March 19, 2011


More Fluff-

Some other notes on modifications:

I forgot to add "Zero Gravity" to the list of athletic skills. The last two skills in the Futuristic branch (Longevity and Total Recall) are becoming part of a new power set.

There are three powers that you get at three successive levels, the names of which are escaping me, but they allow you to look across space, time and dimensions. Because of rampant potential for abuse, I'm planning on replacing this with:

Spacial Awareness: You always have an understanding of how far above or below ground you are and relative north. You also have a better sense of how stable the world your on is. Earthquakes and natural disasters don't come as a surprise to you and you can tell if they are natural or manufactured. You may also occasionally recieve visions from other parts of the world.
Temporal Awareness: You always know what day, time and year it is. You also know if you are in your own time line or a splinter. You can tell how stable the time line is and gauge how much your actions will effect the stability of said time line. You may recieve visions from across time.
Dimensional Awareness: You always understand if you are in your own dimension or in a parallel world. You also have a sense of how stable the world is and, if it's ruled by a particular Lord of Creation, you know who that is. You also recognize other on the path of Lord of Creation just by looking a them. Visions from across dimensions may happen from time to time.

These are basically abilities that are meant to make people plot gimps if need be, but I like it more than actively looking across the barriers so that players don't try to scout every room they're about to walk into or look into the future every 30 seconds.

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