Friday, March 18, 2011


Here's my first Lords of Creation character. I'm pretty sure I did this correctly.

Oswald Lee, Robot (LHO R-Series 004-003)

MUSCLE: 19    Damage: 2
SPEED: 11        Initiative: 2
STAMINA: 7        Healing: 1
MENTAL: 14        Powers: 2
LUCK: 5        Roll (+5): 6
Total: 56        Force: 6

Character Abilities-
Dimensional Sight

Money: 200

Binoculars 50
Flashlight 5
Gas Mask 15
Knife 10
Rope (100') 20

Move: 60'/turn

Physical: 13

Title: Neophyte

Armor: None

LP: 11
XP: 0

Weapon    Attack     Damage
Rifle          15           2-12

Combat-2 (Rifle)

"Oswald Lee" is the third of four Lee Harvey Oswald robots intended for use in Russia (thus the 'R' designation.) Having escaped termination at the hands of Marina Prusakova (nee Oswald) in the Soviet Union, the Oswald robot made his way back to the United States, eventually taking up residence in Puerto Rico (taking the not-so-clever nom de guerre Oswald Lee) where he makes his living as a rifle instructor.

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