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Still more from Lord Fluffy. 

I like the LoC Powers system (Reminds me a little of White Wolf's system; for a bit, I thought about porting the whole thing over). The one power I never liked was Cyborg. The reason was that it really didn't fit with any of the other powers in the system. Why do you need to pay for it? Why can't you get them just by paying for it. So I'm dropping out cyborg. I'm adding a few more.

Also, the Wizard set has Animal Control, which is a cool power, but it never felt like it worked exactly with the rest of them. And there's more cool animal based stuff one could put in the system, so I decided to add this:

1. Light (the 2-5 powers are the same).

Range: See Below Time: See Below Uses: 3 /day

The wizard may create light in one of three ways.
Orb: You may make a floating ball of light that will illuminate a 50’ radius. The light is soft and not hard to look at. The light lasts for 10 minutes per Power of the Wizard. The light is warm to the touch, but does no harm. The Wizard may extinguish the light at will.
Beam: You may cast a light in one direction for 100’ feet, as if you had a flashlight in the palm of your hand. Used this way, the light lasts for 1 minute per Power.
Flash: Alternately, a Wizard may discharge the light in one bright flash, blinding an opponent for 1-3turns. The target may make a luck roll to avoid this effect. This is similar to the effect from Photon Ray; a person who is immune to Photon Ray is also immune to this flash.

Animal Control gets moved to a different Class: Beast Master
Beast Mastery
1. Animal Speech
2. Animal Control
3. Familiar
4. Call to the Wild
5. Aspect of the Beast

Animal Speech
Range: The sound of your voice Time: Constant Uses: Constant

You may speak the language of animals and unintelligent beasts and monsters. While this doesn’t give you any control over them or make the conversation particularly interesting, you can use the skills in the Smooth Talker profession to influence them.

Animal Control
See Wizard in the Rule Book

Range: One animal Time: Until the animal is released or killed Uses: Special, see below

You may bond one animal to you so strongly that you share an essence. The animal’s Mental stat increases by 1 for every 3 Power you have (round down). The animal will be self aware and will be loyal unto death to you. You may, at will, see through the animals eyes and communicate with it as if you had Telepathy.
If the Familiar is mistreated, it may attempt to break free of its master’s control. Also, it has a will of its own and may have different ideas about how to go about things than its master does.
If you activate the abilities Invisibility, Halt Metabolism, Physical Augmentation, Physical Control, Dermal Armor, Rice Paper Walk or Magic Armor, you may have your Familiar gain the same benefits as you.
You may release the familiar at any time. If you do, you may make another animal your familiar after waiting one week for the bond to completely fade. If your familiar is killed, you must make a luck roll or be stunned for 2-18 turns. If you lose a familiar this way, you may not gain another one for a month.

NOTE: The powers Halt Metabolism, Physical Augmentation and Rice Paper Walk are part of new powers I'd written up.

Call to the Wild
Range: 1 mile radius Time: 1 turn per power Uses: 2/day

The Beast Master may call to his side a number of animals. The animals have to already be present in the environment. They arrive in 1-3 turns (even if this exceeds their normal movement rate) and this does not count against the time for which they will stay.
The summoned animals must be of one type. The number that appears is the same as if you encountered the animal in the wild (i.e. Summoning wolves would bring forth 2-16 wolves). The animals will follow all reasonable commands, including fighting but not to the point of suicide. When the duration ends, the animals will return to wherever they were before. Animals summoned in this way may be further controlled by Animal Mastery or Familiar.
In addition, a Beast Master with this power has a general idea of the number and strength of the animal life within the radius of this effect and what types there are. For instance, a Beast Master could tell there were big cats in the area, but not if they were Lions or Tigers until they arrived.

Aspect of the Beast
Range: Personal Time: 1 turn/power Uses: 2/Day

The Beast Master has become so attuned to the wild that he may now evoke some aspect of the beast in his body. This does not allow him to turn into an animal (like with Shapeshift) but does allow him to grow claws, fangs with poison sacks, wings, thick fur, plates, blubber... any one advantage of the animal kingdom.
If the adaptation may be used for combat, it does 2-16 points of damage and may be used as if the Beast Master had a skill of 10. If it grants movement like swimming or flying or even a cheetah’s legs, the Beast Master may move at double his normal movement rate. If it’s armor, the armor may grant up to -8 protection. Any other effects are up to the GM’s discretion.

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