Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lord Fluffy Strikes Again-

Chronomancy (Magical)
1. 1 Second ahead
2. Prophecy
3. Slow the Sands
4. Split the Odds
5. Time Travel

1 Second Ahead
Range: Self Time: Permanent Uses: Constant
Your perception is always projected both in the present moment and one second ahead. This comes as an impression of things that are about to happen, though not an actual vision of them. This results in a +2 to initiative and to luck rolls.

Range: Self Time: Instantaneous Uses: 2/Day
You may use this ability to predict a few moments into the future. As a result, you can get the most likely outcome to one question per use of the ability. An acceptable question would be “What happens if I press this button” or “If I accuse the ambassador of treason, what will happen?” Bad questions would include things like “am I going to win this fight?” or “Is the ambassador a traitor?”

Prophecy cannot predict the results of more random occurances, like coin flips (or anything that involves a die roll). It can predict the outcome if you are successful or if you are unsuccessful, though each of these would constitute a single use.

Slow the Sands
Range: 100’ Time: 1 Turn Uses: 2/day
You may slow the relative time around one person or object to cause it to move ½ as quickly than normal. The target must make a luck roll (modified by your Luck minus their luck, min 0). If successful, they loses one attack on their next turn, take a -1 to their initiative and lose 10’ on their movement. If they fail, they lose ½ of their attacks, have ½ their initiative bonus (round down) and ½ their movement rate.

Split the Odds
Range: Self Time: 1 turn per 2 power Uses : 2/day
You may call on the aid of versions of yourself in nearby potential timelines. The copies are under the control of the player and are identical to the person they are copying (minus this ability), including any equipment. The user gains 1 copy for each full 5 power they have. Each copy may act independently of the others.

If any of the copies takes damage, it is divided between all copies and the original (note: this means that catastrophic damage, like jumping into a volcano or hugging a nuclear weapon, will kill all the copies and the original). At the end of the effect, the copies (along with any equipment they had on them, even if they are not holding it) disappear.

While you may use this ability twice per day, you may not use more than one use of this ability at a time.

Time Travel
Range: See Below Time:1 Turn Uses: 1/Day
You may transport yourself and up to 10 people within a 10' radius to another point in time in the dimension you're currently in. If attempting to transport someone unwillingly, they receive a luck roll.
Time travel is not as precise as the Temporal Travel Power. How close to the exact moment you arrive depends on how far you're attempting to transport. Within 1-10 turns if travelling less than a week, 1-10 days if traveling up to a month, 1-6 weeks if travelling up to a few years, within 1-3 months if traveling up to a decade, 1-10 years if traveling over a few centuries, 1-3 decades if traveling over a millennium.
The GM may wish to limit your ability to cross your own timeline.
Once in the new time, you are there until you use another ability, device or other means to travel back.

The Time Travel power was meant to complete the trifecta of powers that includes Teleportation and Dimension Walking. The nearest I can tell, the bonus you're supposed to get with those powers (as opposed to the Level powers that let you do the same thing) is that you can take other people with you and that it doesn't take a random number of rounds to activate.

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